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Global Ozone Project for Middle and High School Students

2B Technologies is the founder and principal sponsor of the Global Ozone Project or "GO3" Project.  In this project students at schools around the world measure ground level ozone and meteorological parameters and upload their data to share with the world on Google Earth.  The GO3 Project has a free downloadable curriculum about air pollution, also available as "moodle" courses.  Students around the world interact with one another on a closely supervised Social Network similar to Facebook.

Your school is invited to participate in the GO3 Project.  The fastest way to become involved is to purchase the GO3 Instrument Package, which includes a Model 106 Ozone Monitor with custom firmware for the GO3 Project, Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station, notebook or laptop computer with GO3 software installed and various accessories.  The discounted school price for the equipment is $5,000, which includes $500 that goes to the GO3 Foundation for support of the project.  If you school cannot afford to purchase the GO3 Package, you can sign up on the GO3 website to be considered for sponsorship by a corporate donor; however, currently, this can be a long wait since more 500 schools are on the sign up list.

Please contact us if you would like a quote for the GO3 Package:

Example of GO3 Ozone Data from Brent International School, Manila, Philippines

GO3 data can be displayed as an overlay on Google Earth or as online data plots.  Here are a few days of data obtained by students at the Brent International School in Manila.

GO3 students are creating the world's first global ozone database, and their data are being used by scientists around the world to better understand the formation and transport of this important environmental pollutant.  Ambient ozone causes serious health effects and is especially damaging to the lungs where it can trigger asthma attacks.  Ozone also reduces crop yields and contributes significantly to greenhouse warming.