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Air Pollution Monitors for Asia represents 2B Technologies throughout Asia.  2B Technologies of Boulder, Colorado, USA provides the only portable ozone and NOx monitors and calibrators for measurements of ambient levels of ozone and NOx.  2B Tech Ozone Monitors are available for ozone measurements over the entire range of 1 ppb to 20 wt%.  The Models 202 and 205 are US EPA Federal Equivalent (FEM) methods and thus may be used for compliance monitoring.  The even lower cost Model 106 series was designed specifically for industrial ozone applications for health and safety monitoring (Model 106-L), process monitoring (Model 106-M) and for measuring and controlling the outputs of ozone generators (Model 106-H).  2B Tech instruments are manufactured in the USA to exacting standards and provided with a NIST-traceable calibration.

Advantages of 2B Tech Instruments

• UV absorbance measurement of ozone using modern technology
• Small, light weight (~5 lb, 2.3 kg), low power (~4 watts)
• US EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) for Models 202 and 205
• Can be battery or solar panel powered for remote applications
• More than 2,000 units in use throughout the world
• Great customer service - small and light weight makes easy to return for service
• Low cost -- 30-50% lower price than competing instruments
2B Tech Contact:  Morgan Allers,